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David C. is a consultant and eternal student in area of Computer Science, System Engineering, and Software Architecture seeking to use social media and higher education to create connections, enhance communication, and inform other reluctant geeks to the joys of Information Technology, Software Engineering, and other geekdom topics (such as the joys of slashdot).

Starting out as an average joe, the typical former athlete (in the mold of the great Al Bundy), and highly effective slacker, David used his youth underachieving at every hourly wage gig he could find (not that there’s anything wrong with that), only to find himself complaining about how he could just as easily do the job other highly trained, highly intelligent, and highly compensated individuals perform. Not realizing that the majority of the folks spent years training (college, experience, or combination of both). After three years of this self induced pity and befriending a couple of good mentors, David decided to go to night school. After a couple of false starts, David finally buckled down and earned a BS in Computer Information Systems. Finally gaining a credential which could aide in acquiring a position as a entry level software engineer, David realized he contracted a sickness…… GEEKNESS. Unfortunately the treatment for an acute degree of this affliction is …. more school. A MS in Computer Science and MBA later David is still ill. So the pursuit of a D.SC in Computer Science is currently under way.

Several career moves later, David still is employed in the Software Engineering industry, but still suffers from the affliction. So what does one do. He creates a blog of course. But David wanted to create a blog for geeks who are reluctant to embrace the illness. Individuals who don’t want to admit the need seek out new gadgets, technologies, and toys. Those people who still think GEEK = Revenge of the Nerds. Geek is in (just ask all the Apple-phytes!) Learn and share.



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